Hey! Listen! Some folks have extra space in shuttles they've booked between the Airport and the Hotel, if you are looking to carpool or also have extra space, Request Access to this google sheet to help coordinate.


We invite all our guests to join us in the following events. Please RSVP to each event.


Is there a shuttle to the Venue?

Yep! But only for hotel guests at Amor Boutique Hotel (leaves at 4:15pm from the hotel). If you're not staying at the hotel, find your way to the venue which is located here!

Should I get pesos?

Yes, bring a debit card so you can get cash out of ATMs in town. Not everywhere you go is going to take a credit card (though most will), it's good to have some cash on hand. US dollars are also typically accepted, but you're not going to get the best exchange rate.

Should I rent a car?

If you're just planning to stay within Sayulita, we wouldn't recommend a car. You can rent a golf cart once you're in town, but you can also easily walk to anywhere within town. If you are planning on exploring more of the surrounding areas, a car might be worth while, but driving in Sayulita can be a little hectic.

Should I drink the water?

No! Don't risk it! Best to only drink bottled water while you're here.

What should I wear - to the ceremony?

We'll be on the sand - so keep that in mind. Beach Formal? Truth is we don't really care, maybe no jeans, you all know how to look nice.

What should I wear - to the welcome dinner?

Come as you are! We're going to dress up a bit becuase we want to, but it's not required!

What timezone is Sayulita in?

Central Standard Time (same as Chicago, 2hrs ahead of Seattle).

Will it be lit?

I'm not sure what that means, but I think so.

Travel / Transportation

We picked Sayulita, Mexico for it's laid back, surfer beach town vibes.

How do I get there from the airport?
Sayulita is a 40 minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. There are a few options to get there:

Additional transportation options here


We have a hotel block at the Amor Boutique Hotel. We think the weekend would be most special if everyone could stay in the same place. But, there's also plently of beautiful AirBnb's in Sayulita if that's more your vibe.
Our hotel block is released to the public on Nov 20th!

Booking Instructions

We have a room block for the hotel, you just need to tell the booking manager our names (Kraus/Cueno) and the date of the wedding (Jan 20th 2023).

To book, please send an email to info@amorboutiquehotel.com.

Click here for the full list of the rooms and villas we have in our block.
(Of course you're free to book any rooms outside the room block as well, directly on their website)

One word of caution!

The hotel doesn't have any elevators and some of the villas are pretty high off sea level - so if you're not up for hiking up a few stairs, make sure to pick a room or villa closer to ground level. (The hotel website will tell you how many stairs it takes to get to each room).


Please RSVP for all events below. More details in the schedule


Welcome Dinner (Night before)

Sunset Cruise (Day After)